Get Rewards from the World’s Biggest Business

Bentley Global Mini-Bond was created with a view to offer investors a viable and realistic alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes.

  • Fixed return of 12% pa paid monthly or quarterly
  • 5 year back tested data, independently audited
  • Minimum investment £2000 or currency equivalent
  • S21 FCA approval
  • All client monies controlled by independent trustee / custodian

Our investment universe is an uncorrelated investment strategy, independent of prevailing economic conditions; it is ostensibly recession proof and offers returns independent of any other mainstream investment product. And in a world beset by the uncertainty of Brexit and the timing and outcome of elections, the Bentley Global Mini-Bond stands alone and proud in a saturated alternative investment market.

Whilst the Bentley Global Mini-Bond is free from the traditional constraints, it still makes use of sophisticated and well-established investment techniques but now applied to the rapidly expanding betting markets around major football leagues. This allows us to manage and maintain a well-diversified portfolio which is in no-way affected by global economic factors.

At Helandal we have a management team comprising not just of experienced financial services professionals, traders, data analysts, eminent mathematicians and statisticians, but also former professional football players, managers, and sports media personalities, who have all played, managed, or broadcast at the very highest levels and have experienced the huge growth in this sector in Asia first hand.

This team remains deeply embedded in the sport, meaning they are able to provide unique insight and first-hand knowledge of key factors that may influence our trading team’s decisions.

Through these direct links into professional football our financial team is able to generate revenue for the Bentley Global Mini-Bond by selective trading on the huge blue-chip Asian markets. We continue to work closely with established Asian brands and have developed excellent contacts within clubs of the fast-growing China Super League.

In addition, the company is working closely with UK-based sports businesses that have recognised the potential that exists to engage a large group of new fans and unlock revenue opportunities within China.

Trading is based on our own unique Algol88 algorithm.