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The Bentley Global Mini-Bond and www.bentleyglobal.co are operated by Helandal Limited (Helandal)’
Football is arguably the biggest growth ‘business’ in the world. It is estimated to be worth $30bn in Europe alone and growing by around 6% per annum.
Helandal is a private sports media, trading and content company that uses in house expertise and contacts within the world of football to generate revenue based on the performances of football teams globally.
The Bentley Global Mini-Bond was created with a view to offer investors a viable and realistic alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. Our investment universe is an uncorrelated investment strategy, independent of prevailing economic conditions; it is ostensibly recession proof and offers returns independent of any other mainstream investment product. And in a world beset by the uncertainty of Brexit and the timing and outcome of elections, the Bentley Global Mini-Bond stands alone and proud in a saturated alternative investment market.
Whilst the Bentley Global Mini-Bond is free from the traditional constraints, it still makes use of sophisticated and well-established investment techniques but now applied to the rapidly expanding betting markets around major football leagues. This allows us to manage and maintain a well-diversified portfolio which is in no-way affected by global economic factors.

Client Trustee Bank Details

Jade State Wealth
Nat West Bank
Account name: Bond Application Account
Sort code: 60-24-12
Account number: 8887-0421
IBAN: GB74 NWBK 602412 8887 0421